Find Your Voice: Cement Your Strategic Identity


A strong, authentic voice will shape your culture, engage your people, and cement your company's strategic identity.

Your voice is a powerful tool. Just as writers use voice to define characters on the page, your voice reveals your character — the things you care about, how you want to treat others, the way you want to be perceived. It’s in your tone, your language, and your style of speaking. It’s in the things you choose to talk about and the way you address your peers and your team.

Companies have voices, too. A company’s voice can be a many-headed hydra that emerges from a disordered patchwork of random sources and styles. Or, it can be a clear, consistent, and singular voice that is modeled from the top and thoughtfully maintained.

That’s why your voice is so meaningful. People who work for you will adopt your tone and style. It will filter into messages, announcements, and newsletters. It will find its way into policies and procedures, and it will speak loudly in your recruiting and onboarding materials. That is how cultures are shaped and sustained. Make sure the voice your organization is hearing from you is the one you want them to hear, and make sure content being generated every day across your organization is tuned to that voice and reinforcing the culture you want. 

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