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Share Your Vision

Share Your Vision: Accelerate Performance


People who start businesses know where they're going. People who build businesses get others to go with them.

Share your vision with your team. Share your strategy, your outlook, competitive challenges, and customer data. Share anything that will help your people do a better job. Build your organization to be transparent, one where communication is like breathing: a necessary and natural act.

Transparent organizations have standard mechanisms for communication that are never ignored. Leaders of high-performing organizations understand that getting information to the people who build the product, deliver the service, or interact with customers is just as important, if not more, than communicating with each other. They also understand that the inclusive act of sharing information builds trust and commitment and provides a strong platform upon which people can build their contribution.

If you hire the right people and give them a vision, tools, and information, you will be rewarded with a team that is deeply committed, highly engaged, and as invested in performance improvement as you are.

Contact me today to learn how to share your vision to accelerate performance.

Communications Consulting Services


Employee Engagement

Design opportunities for team members to engage and communicate with each other in ways that encourage meaningful collaboration.


Communications Counsel

Support and advise leaders across the organization in the tone, content, and cadence of communication.


Recruiting and Orientation Review

Make sure candidates and new team members begin their relationship with the organization with a detailed introduction to its vision and core values.


Event Design

Enhance the effectiveness of infrequent communication opportunities like annual kickoffs, town halls, and all-hands meetings.  


Messaging Infrastructure

Develop a rigor and logic for how and how often information is delivered and who delivers it. 


Writing and Editing

Assist with the development and editing of messages, presentations, documents, policies, and other content.


Document / Message Audit

Review existing documentation and messaging to ensure that the voice and presentation is consistent with core values.  


Internal / External Alignment

Ensure alignment between internal and external messaging and make sure both are rooted in the organization’s vision and core values.


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