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I help leaders

find their voice,

tell their story, and

share their vision.

People who start businesses know where they’re going. People who build businesses get others to go with them. Lead with a strong voice and a clear vision that will motivate and inspire everyone who hears them. I’ll show you how.

Find Your Voice

Companies have voices. Make sure your people, partners, and clients are hearing the one you want.

Tell Your Story

You have a story to tell. It’s your vision: who you are, why your company exists, and where you’re going.


Share Your Vision

Share your vision with your team in ways that inspire and motivate. Translate the energy into executable strategy.



Lynne was perfect in dealing with us as partners with different strengths and interests. [Her] work helped us draft the ‘The RODE Way,’ which has helped us define a clear vision for our own values and design process. We’ve found new energy, opportunity, and drive with this work. Suddenly, we’re confidently saying ‘this is how we do things here’ and it's shown up in proposals, performance reviews and will soon influence our external outreach. If you’re committed to taking the time and effort, Lynne will create the right conditions for lightning to strike."


Eric J Robinson, Principal, RODE Architects

Kevin Deabler, Principal, RODE Architects


About Me

I ran an airport operation in Boston, worked as a financial controller in Nashville, and built a human resources department in Seattle. I’ve worked in corporate and consulting settings and managed professional, union, and non-union employees. I’m also a published mystery writer.

One observation has been consistent throughout: people and organizations perform at their highest levels for leaders with a strong vision, a clear voice, and a belief that communication is as essential as breathing.


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